Our Mission & Vision

Children are the future leaders of the nation.  That is why the child should be developed as the most qualified citizen of the future.  A child's intellectual development requires close observational supervision, an unobstructed, controlled, friendly, relaxed and joyful environment.  Where there will be no thunderous spectacles of bloodshed, scorn, scorn of disrespect, and physical abuse.  There will be a controlled regime of encouragement, enthusiasm and compassion.  The dream of establishing "Khidirpur Model Academy" was written with the firm conviction to build an ideal educational institution for children in a similar desirable environment.  This Khidirpur Model Academy was established in the traditional Khidirpur village of Khidirpur Union in the north of Narsingdi district, in the north-west corner of Manohardi Thana, near the Kul Ghense of Brahmaputra, surrounded by trees and birds.  Since its inception, the school has been patronized by conscious parents.  The institution is calling the parents who have a strong desire for quality child education from far away.  Already, in response to that handout, hundreds of parents from the remote areas of several neighboring districts are enrolling their children in this institution.